Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wobbly neck for mini bears

To make a wobbly neck with fibreboard discs, you'll need a pair of cotter pins, 2 discs and a pair of long nose pliers (or cotter pin turner tool).

Start by inserting one of the legs of one the cotter pins through the eye of the other cotter pin

Place a disc on one of the cotter pins

With the help of the long nose pliers, grab one of the cotter pin's leg and turn it tight over the disc

Repeat for the other leg of the same cotter pin

Run a gathering stitch around the bear's head neck

Place the set of cotter pins and disc inside the neck, making sure the straight pin is protruding out of the neck

  Pull thread and close neck opening securely with a couple of knots.


  Insert straight cotter pin through the opening at the top of the body

 Place disc on the pin through the back opening of the body

Turn pins legs in the same manner as before

Make sure the neck is not too tight, if it is, then pull head apart from the body slightly and this will loosen the pins a little making the head a little wobblier


  1. I love your work!!!

  2. Thank you for your lessons! Wow!

  3. Hello Monica,

    Thanks for these great tutorials! They are very instructive!
    I think your creations always beautiful!

    Have a look over at my blog, I would be very happy!

    Best regards

  4. Hello Monica,
    thanks for this tutorial for all! Your bears are wonderful, and this is a great blog. I like what you do.
    have a nice weekend

  5. Thank you for your largesse! Your lessons are excellent!

  6. Thanks for the great tut, I will have to adapt somewhat to use those on my needlefelted bears.

  7. Hello Monica,
    I have just begun to learn about bear making and I recently discovered your patterns and tutorials - I'm so pleased that I did!! I love the little bear that you're demonstrating on in this tutorial and I wondered if you could tell me if he is available in one of your patterns, and if so, which one? I would love to try making him - he's just adorable!!
    Thank you for your help :o)
    Lesley xx

  8. Hello,

    Wouldn't you need metal washers as well?

    Thank you

    1. Not for a mini bear, but you would if you'remaking this join for a larger bear with wooden discs instead of fibreboard discs.
      Hope this helps... :0)

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