Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Extra neck for small bears

Start with 8 discs of the same diameter as the discs you'll be using on the neck of your bear (there should be 10 discs for the neck joint in total). The quantity of discs might vary as their thicknesses are different; but as a rule, the height of the discs (stack together) should be lower than the diameter of the discs

Use craft glue (acetone based) to glue them together

Cut out piece of fur with the help of the pattern supplied (You will find that all of my patterns have a pattern to do this).

Cover all curve side of neck cylinder (made from the discs you’ve just glued together), with acetone base glue and wrap the fur piece till the fur almost overlaps at the ends.

Clip top and bottom of the fur to make it easier to glue it to the disc cylinder

Put some more glue to the top and bottom and glue fur to either side


  1. I have always tried to figure that out! Thank you for sharing!

  2. i like to read your blog, they are informative and practical. Thanks for sharing the soul of making bears.

    hugs, susana