Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trimming the muzzle

To trim the muzzle of your bear, you'll simply need a good pair of sharp embroidery scissors and a mohair brush (Fur Reactivator Brush).

Before you start sewing your bear's head together, simplify your task ahead by trimming all the fur from the front part of the head gusset, right up to where the eyes will be placed on either side of the head gusset

Like this.

Then you can proceed to pin and sew the head gusset to the head sides.


  You'll find that this step will make it easier for you to sew the pieces together.
Finish sewing the head, turn right side out and stuff nice and firm. This is how your bear's head should look so far

Following the 2 photos below, trim fur from the chin area in a straight line, just like an upside down 'crew cut'




  Next, trim all fur around the area where the nose will be embroidered (having a wool felt template of the nose will help you see how much to trim off. Also trim a very narrow area around the seam line at the front, where the septum and mouth will be embroidered as well.



Next (if the bear you're making has dense fur), trim a very narrow line from the neck area towards where the eyes will be placed. this will define the cheeks area much more. Omit this step if you're making your bear out of sparse mohair

This is what it looks from one side 

  ... and the other

  And last, trim the fur around the eye areas


Like this


  1. Dear Monica, I can't tell you how wonderful your tutorials are! It is so nice and easy to see step by step instructions rather than just reading instructions. You are so very talented. Thanks for the inspiration and help.

  2. You are so very generous to make these tutorials!! Love them!

    Best regards from Eva Mari in Norway :)