Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sewing cauliflower ears

Start by matching 2 ear pieces together, pin and then stitch around the curved edges. Leave the straight edges open. Turn them right side out, but do not stuff. Fold the straight edges in half and baste them together

  Pinning the ears to the head

Using a couple of pins, attach each ear to the sides of the head.

 The straight edge of the ear (which you've just overstitched together), should be pinned below an imaginary horizontal line which is usually below where the nose will be.

Always check for symmetry between the 2 halves of the head by using the middle seam as a guide

  Front and back

  ... and also from below...

... and top

  Sewing the ears to the head

Using a long needle and double upholstery thread, start by inserting the needle inside the neck (if the head is too big, you can start underneath the ear), and come out in front of the straight edge of the ear

Now, start sewing the ear to the head with ladder stitch, going towards the back and only picking the outside layer of the ear

When you've reached the end of the straight edge, pull threads. The ear should automatically lift.
Now make a long stitch from the back of the ear to the middle part of the head where the ear will lay later on.


Now, make a small running stitch right below the ear

Before pulling the thread, make another stitch starting close to the last stitch you did on the head and come out towards the front of where the ear should lay

Pull thread. This will make the ear to lay flat against the head

Now, to make that ear open a little more and to make sure it's really attached securely to the head, insert the needle on the edge of the ear (as shown below), and into the head

  … coming out at the back straight edge of the ear.

Make a couple of knots, insert needle close to where the knots are and come out from inside the neck. Cut threads off


  1. You are such a pal for new bear makers to see this Mon, I had one of my students doing your ears last week and now I know to tell her where to look.
    Hugs and Thanks.

  2. thank you for making available, just started Chen Bao & Yu which I bought from you last week. cheers Carol

  3. Thanks for sharing your skill set with those of us who struggle with sewing techniques.

  4. Так благодарна вам! Как раз собираюсь сшить своего первого медведя и выискиваю информацию, уроки, как же это делается? Спасибо! Всё очень подробно, понятно.

  5. Thank you so much for showing this newbie how this is done!

    Best regards from Eva Mari in Norway :)

  6. Ooh I should like to try this method on an elephant or mouse. Thank You for a great tutorial Monica.