Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eye area - airbrushing, placement and sculpting the eyes

Start trimming some of the fur around the bridge of the nose and the eye area, then use and awl to pierce two holes where the shank of the eyes will be inserted 

(Important note: use the centre seam of the head, or the gusset seams as a guide line to make sure the holes are symmetrical to each other)

If you want to keep part of the head free from the airbrushing you'll be doing, this is the time to cover that area with magic tape (make sure is nice and tight and no loose pockets show underneath the tape).

Airbrush the area around the eyes as shown on the photo below

After the ink has dry, peel off the tape from the head

Pin ears to the side of the head, and again make sure they're symmetrical to each other


While you wait for the airbrushing to dry, cut 2 oval shapes from the white mini fur with the help of the template piece supplied in the pattern, then make a hole where marked. Push the shank of the eye through the hole. If you want to, you can place a drop of acetone based glue between the mini fur and the eye to hold them in place

 Cut a long piece of synthetic sinew and split in half lengthways. Pick one of the lengths, and thread both ends through the long doll needle, leaving a loop at the end.

Pull one of the ears upwards, and insert the needle from underneath the ear, coming out through the hole of the opposite socket

Important Note: leave thread loop hanging out of the ear – DO NOT PULL ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

Thread the needle through the wire loop of the eye and insert the needle back in the same hole. Come out almost next to where you started (underneath the ear)


 Before you start pulling the synthetic sinew all the way, make sure the white of the eye is below the black of the eye and slightly towards the outside of the face (please refer to the photos below):


Wrap the needle 3 times through the synthetic sinew loop you’ve left behind and pull hard


Insert needle next to where you first started and exit anywhere on the head

Cut synthetic sinew close to head. This will ensure the sculpting and sewing of the eye at the same time. No need to do any knots. The sinew will hold in place

Repeat for the other eye


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  4. Awesome! This is excellent teaching, - thank you so much!

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  5. I've just discovered your site & tutorials & to say I'm thrilled is like saying the ocean is damp! I'm just now getting back into making bears after a long personal hiatus & your site is wonderful! I look forward to coming back to visit often!
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