Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to paint glass eyes

This is a very good tutorial to add some wonderful sparkling colours to some boring clear glass eyes for your teddy bear... :)

The materials you will need are:
  • A pair of clear glass eyes of your choice
  • Glittery or shimmer nail polish in the colour of your choice (I've used blue shimmer)
  • Gold or silver acrylic paint (I've used gold)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Some 'Blue Tack' or some plasticine (to hold the eyes to the surface you'll be working on)
  • A fine liner brush and a flat brush

Use a small amount of Blue Tack to hold each eye to the bench or work surface

With the help of a liner brush, paint fine lines with gold paint on the back of the eyes. Let it dry completely.

Now paint the entire back of the eye with the nail polish of your choice (blue in my case). Let it dry.

Apply a second coat of nail polish to give the eyes good coverage and bring out the colour of the eyes. Let it dry thoroughly.

With a flat brush and black acrylic paint, paint the back of the eyes. Let the paint dry.

To protect the work you've done, paint the back of the eyes with clear nail polish and let it dry.

And voila!
You can paint clear glass eyes with any colour nail polish you wish, but you can also substitute the colour nail polish by painting the eyes with some white PVA glue, letting it dry and then brush some iridescent eye shadow powder over the dry PVA. Then protect the colour with some clear nail polish.



  1. Fabulous tut Mon. I've tried to do this but not as successful as yours, so will be following your instructions from now on.
    Warm Hugz

  2. Thank you for this. I've got a bag of clear eyes and had no idea how to paint them!

  3. You Make All Your Tutorials Look So Easy!! Thanks For Sharing, Hugs!!

  4. Bom dia Spice te amo!! sou do brasil e amo os teddys, bears e bonecas durante as minhas pesquisas pela internet encontrei seu lindo blog e todos os dias venho aqui visitá-la. amo seu lindo trabalho, seus tutoriais são claros e com isso vou ganhando experiencia... Infelizmente aqui no brasil não tem pelúcias tão lindas para vender, aliás tem sido muito difícil para mim realizar meu sonho de confeccionar ursos devido a dificuldade de encontrar o material. Gostaria muito de saber o que você USA PARA DEIXAR OS OLHOS DELES COM ESSA SOMBRA ESCURECIDA, é algum tipo de pó para maquiagem, canetinha?
    grande beijo e felicidades

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  6. Thank you for all your tutorials on making teddy bears.It's going to help me a lot in making them and painting the glass eyes.

  7. From what I can find, the tutorial on painting the eyes is the 1st in the series of the bear making tutorials, is that correct?
    Is there a place where the pattern is available?

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